The staff and pupils across all Alpha Plus schools have access to cutting edge technology and are provided with modern learning environments. It is within these learning environments that the group’s digital literacy strategy has been embedded and continues to develop and grow. Digital literacy describes the skills, knowledge and understanding that enables critical, creative, productive and safe practices when engaging with digital technology and media. It moves well beyond what might be taught by an ICT teacher alone: in addition to functional skills, pupils need to learn to create, collaborate and communicate using technology. They also need to be able to think critically and protect themselves whilst using technology. The rationale behind our strategy is to prepare students for the future, to raise standards and to safeguard all students. As digital literacy is considered a core skill, ignoring traditional boundaries and pervading the curriculum, it firmly underpins the teaching and learning across our schools.

Early 2020 saw the introduction of remote teaching and learning in all schools across the country. The schools in the Alpha Plus Group have been highly creative in their response. Over the year schools have adapted to a range of new learning situations such as blended teaching, where teachers taught some children in school, some at home and some abroad, all at the same time!