In a challenging year of pandemic, United World School in Tablong Kla, Cambodia has been faced with fresh challenges. Cambodia has been in lockdown with covid cases on the rise, so United World School pivoted their programme to distance education, using take-away worksheets and lessons.
Unlike in the UK, children in these regions have no access to technology to continue their learning and are often forced back into work to support the family. To ensure children don’t miss out on education when the schools are closed, UWS has been working closely with Tablong Kla communities and others to retain and foster a culture of education.
Community teachers go from house-to-house to distribute supplementary work for students to complete at home. The aim is for children to complete 3 to 4 worksheets per week.
Thanks to UWS and the hard work of local teachers, the statistics so far are impressive: 61% of UWS students are participating in the programme, 49% of these students are girls. Student engagement is high, with 84% of these participating students handing in at least 80% of the worksheets.
Joanne Rozeik, Associate Director, Partner Schools at United World Schools wrote to say: “I wanted to write a personal thank you to you all for your ongoing belief, support and commitment of our work over the past few months. Right now your support is needed more than ever”.