Congratulations to every boy and girl at Chepstow House School for outstanding Year 6 Senior School offers. 31 children (11 girls and 20 boys) have received offers for 88 places at a range of top competitive senior schools. Their outstanding results not only reflect hard work, but also determination, perseverance and resilience, all fundamental values fostered in school.

In its ten years of existence, Chepstow House School has established its place alongside the best prep schools in West London. From a non-selective entry, pupils achieve results that are comparable to those of schools with many more years of history, and who test on entry. Proof that children can aim high and achieve their goals in a happy, nurturing environment that looks for children to be life-long learners, rather than assessment focused for a single event. Feedback from senior schools cited not only our pupils’ academic strengths but also their obvious enjoyment of learning and school life.

To view the exit results for Chepstow House pupils, click here