Earlier in August, Alpha Plus Group announced the launch of its flagship ‘hybrid school’ – Portland Place Online – the first of its kind in the domestic market. We were delighted to see Portland Place Online feature in The Times this Saturday, an article which also reported the positive experience of one of Portland Place Online’s students. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hybrid-school-offers-four-days-at-home-and-fees-cut-by-half-m20zkxshg

Based on expertise developed during the pandemic, Portland Place Online offers a flexible and accessible approach to learning; ideal for families and students who have recognised the benefits of remote, online learning during lockdown. This combination of established education methods with innovative digital learning fills a need in the educational market for families seeking a more flexible learning experience, enabling students to enjoy a seamless education at home and school.

The hybrid online model provides students high quality of live lessons, delivered by subject specialist teachers, for four days a week via video conferencing and one day a week onsite for more practical subjects such as art, design technology, science and sport. The onsite day gives students invaluable face-to-face social engagement with their peers, teachers and friends, to complement the virtual community.

Available for children aged 10-16, Portland Place Online is widening access to the best quality independent education for families from all backgrounds, as the hybrid model is only a third of the cost of full-time classroom-based learning. The fusion of different learning environments enables families to bridge the gap between home and school learning. At the same time, Portland Place Online will continue to embody the Portland Place School ethos of high-quality teaching in a nurturing environment, enabling students’ academic ability and creativity to flourish.

Further information on Portland Place Online can be found on its website or by calling the school directly.