The Alpha Plus Group is delighted to announce that our pre-preparatory and preparatory schools have reopened their doors for all children from nursery to age 13, so that the children can attend in person from today (22nd June).

Of course, all of our nursery schools have been reopen since 1st June, alongside our pre-prep and preparatory schools which have been reopen for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Four of our schools also remained open throughout the lockdown to care for the children of key workers. But this is the first time that our schools have been allowed to reopen our doors to all pupils from nursery to age 13 since March, and was only possible when the guidance from the UK Government and the Department of Education changed last week.

Advance parent surveys indicate that, on average, 85% of parents plan to see their children return to school today. In total, over 2,500 pupils are expected to be back in our schools (up from just under 1,500 last week).

Many parents have written to our Heads to express their support for this move:

“We just wanted to say a thank you to you and all of the Falcons team for your incredible hard work during this difficult period and your amazing efforts to get the boys back to school. It really is appreciated by us all so much” – Falcons Prep Richmond

“Thank to you all for your support for the boys and parents during this period. Everyone has done an amazing job from the teaching through to the out of hours entertainment with the concerts, quiz nights and daily muses from Mr Baker” – Wetherby Prep

“I really want to thank you and your team for an absolutely fantastic effort over the past few weeks. Nobody signed up for online learning – not parents, children, nor indeed staff – it was thrust upon us. But when I judge the learning opportunities and interaction with teachers our children have had versus some of the other independent schools in the area, it really is impressive” – Hilden Grange School

“E. is delighted to be coming back on the 22nd. I just wanted to take this chance to say thank you – the home schooling with Falcons has been absolutely brilliant – I think that Falcons has done an amazing job, the work has been appropriately flexible, the online teaching has clearly been extremely interactive with the small groups, the teachers have been incredibly responsive and over all it has been enjoyable spending this time with E., thanks to the decision and way Falcons have managed this term” – Falcons School for Girls

“The level of excitement within the WhatsApp groups of parents is UNPRECEDENTED (the overused word needs a new colour). I believe all sort of emojis have been used within seconds of reception of your email about the boys returning to love, showing that the Wetherby parents are as youthful as the teachers…” – Wetherby School

“Such great news and we thank you so much for making this happen!” – Falcons Pre Prep

We are delighted to have this support of parents and we hope that their children thoroughly enjoy their time back at school this week.