Congratulations to Principal Irfan Latif and all DLD staff on their recent ISI Inspection.

The report highlights that:

Quality of Pupils’ Personal Development is Excellent

  • Pupils develop high levels of self-confidence and resilience in line with the school’s aims
  • Pupils place high value in law and order, and this is reflected in their responsible and respectful behaviour
  • Pupils’ social development and collaboration is a strength of the school

Quality of Pupils’ Academic Achievement is Good

  • More able pupils achieve high academic levels in their analysis and research
  • Pupils have excellent attitudes towards their work
  • Pupils with EAL make notable progress in their language acquisition

Read the full report here.

Explanatory note about ISIs:
The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body approved by the UK’s Department for Education for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations and reporting on compliance with independent school regulations.