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We are commemorating some important birthdays in the Alpha Plus Group this year. Portland Place School is celebrating its 21st Anniversary: a significant milestone in the life of the school and the opportunity to launch the school into the next decades, according to Headmaster David Bradbury. A 21st birthday party was held at the school recently, and we look forward to more events. In Coventry, Davenport Lodge Nursery School is turning 50! Parents and families are invited to join Headmistress Susan Nalus for a Garden Party in July. Last but not least, St Anthony’s School for Boys in Hampstead begins its 125th anniversary celebrations in September. There will be much to look forward to for our boys, their parents, Old Antonians and friends of the school. Activities will include a talk on the history of the school from the author of the recently published ‘The Story of St Anthony’s’, a ball for parents and friends of the school and a series of reunions for old boys leading up to an alumni gala in June 2019. Headmaster Paul Keyte is delighted to welcome the whole St Anthony’s community to the school over the course of the year to celebrate the school and the traditions, ethos and achievements that have made it the exciting and forward looking place it is today.