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The Abbey DLD Group is a network of three independent colleges, uniquely placed to offer students from the United Kingdom and around the world a college tailored to meet their individual requirements. The colleges have a long-standing reputation for delivering a premium quality education.

All of the colleges share a similar approach to education: to help all our students to achieve the very best academic results. This is done through rigorous but informal teaching, small class sizes, frequent testing and expert teachers who have the interests of each student at the centre of everything they do. 

6 reasons to choose our colleges

  • Are you aiming to attend one of the UK's top twenty universities?
  • Are you aiming to ultimately pursue a career in one of the professions?
  • Are you aiming to work for a blue chip company in the UK or overseas?
  • Do you want to prove to yourself and/or to others that you are capable of achieving the very highest A-level grades?
  • Do you want to work in the more adult environment of a college compared with that of a school?
  • Do you want to work alongside students from across the world who share the same high aspirations as you?